About Climate Caucus:

Climate Caucus (CC) is a non-partisan network of elected local leaders in Canada who began organizing in January 2019. Our mission is to work collectively to create policy which aligns with the IPCC targets of holding global warming to 1.5°C.

Climate Caucus serves as:

  • a meeting place for elected representatives to connect

  • a collective force to lobby provincial and federal government

  • a centralized location for municipal climate action & policy throughout Canada

Our network currently includes more than 200 councillors, mayors, and regional directors throughout Canada - and our membership grows daily. We invite elected leaders from rural areas, townships, indigenous communities and cities of all sizes to join our network. We engage regularly via our online organizing platform, bi-weekly conference calls and events.

Local action matters.

Not only are municipalities on the front lines of climate change (floods, droughts, landslides, forest fires, heat waves, water shortages), importantly, we directly influence about half of Canada’s energy use & emissions.

Canada's Carbon Pollution

Up to half of Canada's carbon pollution is influenced by local policy decisions. (source: FCM)