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These calls are open to elected officials only. Our bi-weekly Electeds-Only Calls provide opportunities to connect with other elected officials and offer a meeting space where municipal leaders can raise issues and get practical help from colleagues. 

Late arrivals and early leavers are always welcome; we understand you are all incredibly busy!

May 18th, 2022 - @ 11:00 PDT/2:00 EDTTune into our next electeds call on April 7th to catch up with locally electeds from across the country. 



Our monthly All-Caucus Calls offer opportunities for networking with climate leaders around Canada! The calls feature presentations and discussions from a range of key stakeholders on critical local climate issues and initiatives. 

May 16th, 2022 - @ 11:00 PDT/2:00 EDT - Bee City wants to partner with cities, towns, First Nations, schools and businesses across Canada to protect pollinators 🐝


Come to our call on May 16th to learn how your community can become a Bee City or Bee School and protect thousands of pollinators!

Shelly Candel, Bee City Canada Founder, will be joining to talk about the benefits and success of Bee City and School programs across the country and key steps to getting started. 

We will also hear from City Councillor Mike McCann on the City of Barrie's experience as a Bee City and their work to protect and create pollinator habitats and provide community education.



Please note that these working groups and calls are open only to locally elected leaders! 

Outdoor Rec/Rural & Small Communities (this group is open to both municipal staff  and elected members).

Active Transportation for Rural and Small Communities - Thursday May 26, 11am PT/2pm ET 

We will hear from transportation planners at WSP Consulting on some innovative ideas for active transportation in smaller communities. Their presentation on on-demand transit earlier this year was well received, so we hope to see you there! Please feel free to bring along staff members or council colleagues!


Climate Caucus B.C. Chapter

May 27th at 11am Pacific - We have our next chapter meeting on May 27th, where we will hear from Climate Action Secretariat on their exciting new program! We will leave the remainder of the call for open discussion. 


Climate Caucus Quebec Chapter

Nous invitons les é locaux et le personnel de la région du Québec à se joindre à notre premier appel de réseau de la section du Québec le 25 mai à 12h HE !

Notre objectif est de connaître vos principaux besoins et défis, et de partager le soutien et les ressources que nous pouvons vous fournir.

La crise climatique et ses effets dévastateurs ont posé des défis majeurs aux collectivités partout au Canada, et nous reconnaissons que ces effets sont propres à chaque région. Par conséquent, nous vous invitons à vous joindre à cette discussion sur la façon dont nous pouvons bâtir des collectivités sécuritaires, saines et résilientes au Québec.


Climate Caucus Atlantic Chapter

Details and dates regarding the next June call will be coming soon - stay tuned! This call topic will be on community engagement. 


Ontario Climate Caucus

Our next meeting is May 19th at 3pm Eastern. This meeting is open to elected officials in Ontario! If you would like to be added to the email list and calendar invites, please reach out to Gaby: or Alex:


Climate Caucus Northern Chapter

We’d like to thank all those who attended our inaugural Northern Chapter meeting on May 11th! Details and dates regarding the next June call will be coming soon - stay tuned!